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Specializing in handmade soaps, hand sanitizers, beard oils and ritual scents enhanced with magickal intentions.
Where Crafting Meets Magick

About Mona: Soapmaker and Head Witch in Charge at Bewitched Craft, I live in Florida with my husband and 4 feline children and have been running Bewitched Craft for as long as my imagination has run wild.

What started as a single soap request from my husband, has turned into a fun and profitable business for myself. While most of my sales are from my website and other online avenues, I participate in monthly vendor events because I love connecting with the people who use my products. I also custom make soaps for fundraising projects.

Each 4 ounce soap sold by Bewitched Craft is made with natural soap bases, herbs, salts, pure essential oils, spices, flowers, and other fun, yet safe, additives. Our 2 ounce hand sanitizers are crafted with witch hazel, natural aloe vera gel, and pure essential oils; our shaving soaps are crafted with glycerin, coconut oil, essential oils and goats milk, our beard oils are a mix of coconut oil and essential oils, and we offer ritual scents that come in 1/2 ounce containers as a solid perfumes which are currently only sold in sets. They are made with coconut oil and beeswax, pure essential oils, glitters, herbs and spices to match their individual intentions; they are also blessed with the powers and goddesses they represent for a truly symbolic experience.

During the creation process, all products are enchanted with Positive Energy and Good Vibes. Some items have additional enchantments and blessings added depending on the intention of the item when it was crafted. 

Note: while soap designs may vary, weights remain consistent.

We accept custom orders for special occasions. Each custom order comes with one goats milk soap, one olive oil soap, and one 8 ounce package of bath salts and is custom enchanted according to the purchasers positive intentions. Positive intention examples include spells for protection, a happy marriage, life blessings, happiness, etcetera.

Orders are crafted with oils and other additives that are specific to the intentions wished for in each gift package. Amulet bags include herbs specific to the package intentions and are also enchanted.

Disclaimer: While each of our products ensures that the bearer of the item will be gifted with the intention put into it, please keep in mind that in order for the process to work, the bearer must be accepting of change and of the power of the Universe, Nature, and the Blessings that they are hoping to receive. 

Magick can help us heal from stress, instill confidence, create peaceful surroundings and banish negativity, but intentions need to be tended and looked after, much like a beloved garden.